Genesis Fitness

Outdoor group classes

'Genesis Fitness' offers a unique blend of exercise infused with nature which will inspire and invigorate whilst unwinding body and mind.

Local parks provide a stimulating yet peaceful setting in which to escape the hustle and bustle of busy life whilst achieving improved fitness and health.

Benefits of outdoor workouts include:

Better for health: due to the fresh air and oxygen compared to air conditioning and bacteria found in the gym.
More challenging: uneven surfaces and the natural elements present a more testing environment.
Improved core strength: uneven surfaces will challenge core and balance throughout the workout.
More energising: the natural elements will help to fuel and motivate.
Increased sense of well being: due to the natural light and

These group workouts are suitable for all abilities and ages and are layered in order to enable choice of levels and pace. They also offer a supportive and social atmosphere in which to achieve a fitter and healthier body.

These sessions may include:

Cardio-Vascular Training
Body Conditioning
Arms, Legs and Abdominal Workouts
Core and Balance Exercises
Ball Games
Team Games


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