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1. What clothing should I wear for the outdoor workouts?
It is best to wear layers of clothing for these sessions so that you are always prepared for our ever changing weather. Trainers are essential, as is a bottle of water and a light waterproof. In colder weather you may also want to bring a warm head covering and a pair of gloves.

2. What clothing should I wear for the studio workouts?
Again, layers are a good idea as your body temperature will change throughout the class. Trainers are essential, as is a bottle of water. Please also bring either your own mat, if you have one, or a large towel for stretching and relaxation.

3. Does 'Genesis Fitness' provide workouts throughout the year?
Personal Training and private group sessions will run throughout the year, seven days a week. All of the open group classes will run during term times.

4. Do the outdoor workouts go ahead whatever the weather?
These classes will happen in all weather conditions, so it is best to dress accordingly for your own comfort. The only exception to this is in extreme conditions, such as thunder and lightning, when participant's safety may be at risk. If in doubt please phone or text on the day.

5. When do I have to submit my health form by?
The relevant form must have been checked in advance of starting any new fitness programme. If possible, it is best that this be done before the first day of training, particularly if you have any queries, so that there are no hold ups or disappointments at your first session. If this is not possible then the form must be submitted at the initial session, prior to the booked time. If you have any questions regarding your form then please get in touch.

6. If I am pregnant or have recently had a baby do I need to fill out a different health form?
Yes you do, and these can be found on the 'Bookings' page of this website. Please also note that we strongly recommend you inform the trainer about a pregnancy as soon as possible.

7. Does 'Genesis Fitness' provide childcare facilities?
Childcare facilities are not provided, and parents are responsible for their children at all times when they attend any of the workouts.

8. Can I share a Personal Training session with my partner or friends?
Yes indeed, and the cost is the same regardless of how many people are in the group. This is therefore an ideal option for those who are looking for a more cost effective way of training.


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